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Fat Models, Chubby Routes, Super-Skinny Controllers

We have just started a blog at work where we will be writing about some of the technologies we use daily. I just wrote a post about beefing up the routes in Zend Framework applications. Read all about it over … Continue reading

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Custom Zend_Auth_Adapter and Zend_Auth_Storage classes

I’m working on a small application these days using Zend Framework‘s MVC components. I use Zend_Auth for authentication and since I did not want to use Zend_Session I decided to implement a custom Zend_Auth_Storage adapter that uses the regular session … Continue reading

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Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Redirector wants to kill my session

I’m writing a web application using Zend Framwork‘s MVC components these days and today I came over a weird problem regarding a custom php shutdown function and the Redirector action helper from the Zend Framework. I have a Bootstrap class … Continue reading

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Small note about the ContextSwitch action helper in Zend Framework

If you want to add other contexts to your actions in a controller, and your method names are for instance viewProjectAction or addTaskToProjectAction, you will need to refer to them using view-project and add-task-to-project respectively when setting up the ContextSwitch … Continue reading

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