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Update ImageMagick on Travis-CI

I have an open source software project called Imbo that I have hooked up to Travis-CI for testing of pull requests and pushes on GitHub. I recently came across an issue that made some tests fail on Travis-CI that passed … Continue reading

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PHP-based BitTorrent tracker

Some of you might know that I have a library for encoding PHP variables to their BitTorrent counterparts, and back to PHP, called PHP BitTorrent. Some days back I pushed another library to GitHub, namely a standalone BitTorrent tracker. The … Continue reading

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IRC notifications on GitHub

I host my open source projects over at GitHub, and most of them do notifications to IRC on different events. Recently I saw that imbo/imbo and imbo/imboclient-php did not notify new pull requests and new issues in the issue tracker … Continue reading

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How to make GitHub host your PEAR channel

GitHub does probably not need an introduction, but their “user pages” might. Each user on GitHub can have their own pages by creating a repository called <user> These pages will be accessible via, yup, you guessed it: http://<user&gt; My username … Continue reading

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PHP_BitTorrent-0.2.0 released

During my Christmas vacation I received a pull request on GitHub for my PHP_BitTorrent project which added proper namespaces to the classes. I decided to merge the pull request and do some other changes as well. I removed the static … Continue reading

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Fat Models, Chubby Routes, Super-Skinny Controllers

We have just started a blog at work where we will be writing about some of the technologies we use daily. I just wrote a post about beefing up the routes in Zend Framework applications. Read all about it over … Continue reading

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Playing with traits in PHP 5.4alpha1

PHP 5.4alpha1 was released the other day with some cool new features. One of them is an implementation of traits. From the RFC: Traits is a mechanism for code reuse in single inheritance languages such as PHP. A Trait is … Continue reading

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