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Fat Models, Chubby Routes, Super-Skinny Controllers

We have just started a blog at work where we will be writing about some of the technologies we use daily. I just wrote a post about beefing up the routes in Zend Framework applications. Read all about it over … Continue reading

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Playing with traits in PHP 5.4alpha1

PHP 5.4alpha1 was released the other day with some cool new features. One of them is an implementation of traits. From the RFC: Traits is a mechanism for code reuse in single inheritance languages such as PHP. A Trait is … Continue reading

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Mocking MongoCollection with Mockery

I have played around with the mongo extension to PHP lately and came across an issue when I was trying to write unit tests with PHPUnit for some methods using MongoCollection::insert(). Consider a class method looking like this: The Image … Continue reading

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Changed blog theme

I just changed the theme on this blog to the default WordPress theme. Please let me know if anything looks weird.

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How to set up your own PEAR channel

If you want to make your projects available to users as PEAR packages you will most likely want a PEAR channel. This way users can install/upgrade/remove your packages by using the pear command. There are a couple of solutions available … Continue reading

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SqlDiff-0.0.2 released

Just pushed a new version of SqlDiff. The new version supports colors in the output, and the generated statements inserts new columns at the correct positions. To install simply do: christer@aurora:~$ sudo pear channel-discover Adding Channel “” succeeded Discovery … Continue reading

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SqlDiff-0.0.1 released

Some minutes ago I created the first PEAR package of SqlDiff, a small tool that I have been playing around with some time. The tool is meant to aid people in making sql statements based on the diff of two … Continue reading

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