IRC notifications on GitHub

I host my open source projects over at GitHub, and most of them do notifications to IRC on different events. Recently I saw that imbo/imbo and imbo/imboclient-php did not notify new pull requests and new issues in the issue tracker to IRC. These options are not visible in the admin GUI of the hook either. You can however use the API to enable these events.

First, figure out the id of your IRC hook by doing:

curl -u $user$account/$repos/hooks

Find the id of the IRC hook, then issue a POST:

curl -u $user -XPOST$account/$repos/hooks/$hookId -d '{"events":["push", "pull_request", "issues"]}'

These are currently all the events available for this hook. The hook itself can be found here.

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1 Response to IRC notifications on GitHub

  1. A notification is sent by Upstart to all interested parties (either jobs or other events). They can generally be thought of as ” signals “, ” methods “, or ” hooks ” [21] , depending on how they are emitted and/or consumed.

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