Graphing PHP errors with Munin

At work we use Munin as a monitoring tool. Recently I added graphs containing the amount of PHP errors on our servers. The plugin I used is called loggrep and I used the following configuration for it:

user root

env.regex PHP
env.label All PHP errors

env.regex_notices PHP Notice
env.label_notices Notices

env.regex_warnings PHP Warning
env.label_warnings Warnings

env.regex_fatal PHP Fatal
env.label_fatal Fatal errors

env.regex_deprecated PHP Deprecated
env.label_deprecated Deprecated

env.logfile /var/log/httpd/
env.title PHP errors on

The snippet above is placed in the /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/loggrep configuration file. In the /etc/munin/plugins directory I put a symbolic link to the loggrep plugin called loggrep_www. This way we can easily have graphs grouped by the different virtual hosts we have on our servers. If we have a host called and would like a graph of PHP errors on that host I would simply add a section for it in the configuration file that would look like this:

env.logfile /var/log/httpd/
env.title PHP errors on

and create a symbolic link called loggrep_foo in the /etc/munin/plugins directory that points to the loggrep plugin.

Here is what the graph looks like:

Graph of PHP errors

PHP errors on

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4 Responses to Graphing PHP errors with Munin

  1. mvaled says:

    Would you consider contributing the plugin?

  2. Christoph says:

    With this configuration the loggrep plugin is not listed using
    (echo “list”; sleep 1) | telnet MYHOST 4949

    When I remove the env. in each line of the config, it is listed but then
    munin-run loggrep_MYHOST

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