Weird Spotify behaviour

I noticed something weird while using Spotify earlier today. I was listening to Barroom Hero from the Dropkick Murphys album Do or Die. I have heard that song loads of times before and thought something was odd about it this time. I searched it up to see if there were different versions of it. Apart from a live version there was only the one on the Do or Die album. I went back to the artist page and started playing it from the list I found there and this time I actually got the version I was used to hearing.

It seems that Spotify has two different versions of the Do or Die album in their database, the original one from ’98 and something that is probably a re-issue of sorts from ’07 that includes a different version of the Barroom Hero song. The version that I did not recognize sounds like the one used for the Barroom Hero music video (with the exception of the intro to the video). Anyways, here are links to the two different versions of the song and the album for those of you who want to listen to an awesome song and an almost equally awesome album:

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