New books!

Received a package from today with the following books:

I have read many other books by Stephen R. Donaldson as well. Check them out if you’re into Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

I’m looking forward to getting started with these! I finished the Zend Framework book a couple of days ago as well and have started on a review for it. Hopefully I’ll get to finish it this weekend!

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One Response to New books!

  1. Great collection of Steinbeck books you’ve got there, Christer. Someone once said about “Of Mice and Men” that it’s a book that takes two hours to read and twenty years to forget. That’s a very good summary of a very good book.

    The other’s are good too, of course, but I have to say I like the Cannery Row books a little more than the rest: Good, harmless fun trough and trough.

    If you’re not fed up with Steinbeck after all this, the book I’ve most enjoyed of all he wrote is “Pastures of Heaven”. It’s a collection of short stories that are intervowen so that they read more like a novel. It’s seldom mentioned when people talk about Steinbeck’s books, but I’ve always found it very intriguing.

    Amazon link to Pastures of Heaven

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