From Kalymnos

So, we’ve been here for a couple of days now. We arrived around 1800 on Sunday and didn’t do much that evening. The room we are staying in is not really that good. The “kitchen” is a small portable gadget with one plate to cook on and a fridge that barely works. Not too great if you want to make rice, sauce and some meat. We have been talking about looking for some other place to stay if there are better options regarding the kitchen around here. Since we’re staying here for over a month it would be nice to have a decent place to make some food.

Today we are having a resting day after a long climbing day yesterday. We went to the capitol of the island earlier today and picked up some food since there is no butcher shop around here. We also spent some hours sleeping in the sun on the beach after a short swim. It’s a hard life we are living here…

We are going to climb tomorrow and Thursday and we’ll rest on Friday again. I’ll write some more later and post some pictures as well. There won’t be too many pictures until some more of our friends arrive here. When it’s only the two of us climbing there is no opportunity to snap some photos as well.

Anyhoo, hope everyone back home is having as great a time as myself. Later everyone!

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2 Responses to From Kalymnos

  1. Linda says:

    Skønt att høra att du lever det hårda livet..Hær var det 6 grader i morse! Puss

  2. Mamma says:

    Høres ut som dere har det bra!!
    Håper dere finner et bedre bosted!
    Kos deg og VÆR FORSIKTIG!!!

    Klem fra mamma

    Lillebjørn hilser også.

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