Soon off to Kalymnos

In about 4 days I will arrive at Kalymnos, Greece for a month of sport climbing together with a friend, and I’ll stay there until the 15th of October.

Our plan is to go climbing every other day. I wanted to bring my bike so I could get some mileage done on the non-climbing days but there was no room for it on the plane from Athens to Kalymnos (which is a smaller Propeller aircraft). I’ll probably try to do some swimming and hiking instead. I also have some plans to read some books while there. I’ll bring World Without End by Ken Follett and some other smaller books.

I’ll bring my camera and some lenses as well and I’ll hopefully be able to snap some nice climbing pictures (pictures from last year is available in this set over at The last couple of weeks some other guys will join us there so it’ll be easier to fix myself high up in some route and take some pictures of the other guys.

When I’m really bored (can’t really see how that will happen) I’ll probably get some coding done as well. :)

I’ll keep you all updated!

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2 Responses to Soon off to Kalymnos

  1. Nick says:

    Lucky you :P

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