More unit testing

On the way to work today I wrote some more unit tests for our internal framework. This time it was for a component that we use to fetch remote content. The component is called VG_Wget and one of its features is something called availability caching. What that does is that it caches the content of an URL in case it is unavailable the next time the content is fetched. There is a “regular” caching layer as well that can be enabled but the availability cache is only used when the external resource is unavailable.

I came up with a nice solution on how to test this, and since I’m such a nice guy I’ll share it with the lot of you.

Here is how we use the component:

require_once 'VG/Wget.php';
$wget = new VG_Wget();
$content = $wget->get('http://localhost/file.php'');

Since I know the contents of file.php I can easily check that the get method works as expected. But how can I make a file unavailable on the next request automagically? I’m glad you asked!

First I wrote a script that dynamically creates another php script, which in turn create some output, and then deletes itself.

The create.php script looks like this:

// Generate a filename and create the file
$filename = microtime(true) . '.php';
$fp = fopen($filename, 'w');

// String to write to the file
$contents = '<?php print(\'please cache me\'); unlink(__FILE__);';
fwrite($fp, $contents);

// Close the file

// Output the filename of the tmp file

First we generate a unique filename, and then create a file with the following content:

&#91;sourcecode language="php"&#93;
print('please cache me');

After the file is created we output the unique filename so we know which file to fetch when testing the availability cache mechanism. When we access that file in a test the file will output "please cache me" and then self destruct. The next time we access that file the <em>VG_Wget</em> component will receive an HTTP 404, and the availability cache will be used instead.

The test method looks something like this:

class VG_Wget_WgetTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase {
     * Wget object
     * @var VG_Wget
    protected $wget = null;

     * Setup method
    public function setUp() {
        $this->wget = new VG_Wget();

     * Teardown method
    public function tearDown() {
        $this->wget = null;

     * Test method
    public function testGetFileUsingAvailabilityCache() {
        // Base url
        $url = 'http://localhost/';

        // Call an url that creates a tmp file that is deleted after first request
        $tmpFilename = trim(file_get_contents($url . 'create.php'));

        $url .= $tmpFilename;

        // Fetch the file effectively deleting it so that the next request fails
        $content = trim($this->wget->get($url));

        // Fetch it again (this time the cache will be used)
        $content2 = trim($this->wget->get($url));

        $this->assertSame('please cache me', $content);
        $this->assertSame($content, $content2);

I have removed some logic from the test method but you can see roughly how I test the component. Comments anyone?

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  1. I have spending some time trying a UnitTest on Zend Framework. But, except for some configurations, is all the same.


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