It’s Raining Blood

Yesterday I saw Slayer along with a friend of mine in Oslo Spektrum. The sound was crappy as usual, but the setlist they played was quite interesting:

  1. Flesh Storm
  2. War Ensemble
  3. Chemical Warfare
  4. Ghosts of War
  5. Jihad
  6. Psychopathy Red
  7. Seasons in the Abyss
  8. Dittohead
  9. Live Undead
  10. Cult
  11. Disciple
  12. South of Heaven
  13. Angel of Death
  14. Piece by Piece
  15. Necrophobic
  16. Altar of Sacrifice
  17. Jesus Saves
  18. Criminally Insane
  19. Reborn
  20. Epidemic
  21. Postmortem
  22. Raining Blood

Now, look at the last 10 songs they played, and look at the track listing for probably the best thrash metal album ever made, Reign In Blood… Not bad huh? :) I also got to hear my favorite Slayer song, Ghosts of War.

I have seen them four times before and the first time was Wacken Open Air where they also played the complete album. I have also seen them a couple of times at Rockefeller in Oslo which was probably the two best shows of the 5.

Anyways, the concert was ok. It was the first time I have heard Tom Araya skip the scream at the start of Angel of Death which was a bit disappointing. Maybe it’s the age starting to show? ;)

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