Machine Head, Slipknot, Satyricon and Slayer

Monday last week I saw Machine Head and Slipknot in Oslo Spektrum. We managed to arrive a bit too late to see the first couple of songs by Machine Head but I managed to see 4-5 songs. Too bad they played support for Slipknot! They sounded far from as good as they usually do though, but hey, they’re Machine Head, they fucking rock!

I saw Slipknot play support for Slayer some years back and was kinda disappointed. This time they were absolutely insane! The sound was a bit too loud, but very clear (in Oslo Spektrum standards). It’s probably the best metal concert I have seen at that venue. Slipknot’s setlist was:

  1. Surfacing
  2. The Blister Exists
  3. Get This
  4. Before I Forget
  5. Liberate
  6. Disasterpiece
  7. Dead Memories
  8. Psychosocial
  9. The Heretic Anthem
  10. Prosthetics
  11. Spit It Out
  12. Duality
  13. Only One
  14. (515)
  15. People = Shit
  16. (sic)

They played loads of old stuff which I really liked. Hopefully I’ll get to see them again sometime.

Last Friday I ended up at a Satyricon concert with some friends on Sentrum Scene in Oslo that turned out to be very good! They played some stuff from the latest album along with some older songs.

It’s been really great going to some concerts again. I’m going to see Slayer in Spektrum on Monday next week and I’m really looking forward to that as well! Going to concerts is probably one of my favorite things to do so I hope to go on some more shows soon!

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One Response to Machine Head, Slipknot, Satyricon and Slayer

  1. Betty says:

    Lucky you! Sounds like you had a blast. Going to concerts is pretty awesome. I was doing a search for machine head and it came up with your link. Figured I would leave you a comment. Great post, nothing like writing about it after having experienced it huh? :)

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