Stratos is no more

Yesterday Stratos (one of my cats) went to sleep for the last time. Stratos has had a blather infection on several occasions and has been squirting around inside for a while. When she didn’t have an infection she was peeing inside. I tried to get her to understand that she should do that in the litter box or outside, but that wasn’t too easy.

So, yesterday my mother went to the vet while I was at work and put her to sleep. She was about 7 years old. Me and Lillebjørn (Stratos’ mother) will miss her allot.

I have some pictures of Stratos over at flickr. I’ll include a couple of them here:


Lillebjørn and Stratos


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2 Responses to Stratos is no more

  1. Sorry to hear about Stratos. I’m a cat person myself, so I know that the worst part of owning a cat is the fact that they die.

  2. Morten Amundsen says:

    Kondolerer… :(

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