Kalymnos – Day 7

Hello again! Back at the apartment after some climbing! Starting to get a bit sore in my hands again! :(

Today we went back to a crag called Odyssey but instead of going to the same sector as last time we went up to some steeper stuff. The steeper climbs on Odyssey have less tufa than the stuff up at the Parnorama wall though. Anyways, most of the climbs look really good. We warmed up on a 6b+ that was nice, but a bit too sharp, and then moved over to a steep 6c with some tufas (names will come in a later post, don’t have enough energy to go fetch the guide book now). After the 6c with the tufas we did another 6c (which was really nice!) and then took a lunch break.

After the break we went further down the crag to finish the day on a 6c+ and a really steep 7a.

I was struggling with a sore arm today which was a bit annoying. Maybe I need another rest day. Since we have so few days left I’m not sure if I’ll waste a day for resting. We’ll see, if my arm is hurting tomorrow as well I might climb a few easy climbs instead.

Now it’s time for a nice shower and then off to grab something to eat.

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