Kalymnos – Day 6

I got back to the apartment a while ago after todays climbing. Today we tried some more routes up at the Panorama wall which is located to the right of the Grande Grotto. We went up there with some people from Vancouver (Tony, Ingrid and Ran) and Mika from California. Tony was in El Chorro when I was there one and a half years ago as well. Ron (also from Vancouver) arrived in El Chorro shorty after I left so I just missed him back then.

We started the day on a 6b called Carpe Diem for warm ups, and then went on to do Joggel & Toggel (6c+) and then Commandant Marcos (6c+/7a). I didn’t to the Commandant one in one go though. I was the first to try it so I had to place the quick draws which was a pain in the ass. The start of the route was very steep so the hardest part was clipping the draws. I guess I would have done it 2nd go but we wanted to do some other stuff as well. When you’re on a climbing trip for only 10 days it’s a bit waste to try every route until you do it. It’s more fun to climb as many routes as possible instead.

The climbing here is allot different from what we have back home, so it’s fun to do a whole bunch of these routes. I really lack the technique for this style of climbing (lots of tufas) so I just need to climb many different routes to learn this stuff better. It’s a whole lot harder to do the routes when you have no idea where to place your feet when it’s steep as hell.

After a short break we went on to do a long 6c+ called Aeolia that had a second pitch that was 7a which added ~10-15 meters worth of steep tufa climbing. I didn’t do the 6c+ in one go which kinda pissed me off since the climbing was not hard at all. Lots of good holds but not that many rests, but I should have done it. I have never been this badly prepared for a climbing trip though. I have not been climbing at all during the summer, and I have only been bouldering for the last couple of weeks before going here. The moves on the routes we do here are so much easier than the stuff I do when bouldering, but I have no endurance at all. We are already planning on a trip back here next year, so then I’ll have to be in much better shape for rope climbing than this year.

I think I’ll hit the shower shortly so I’ll stop here. You’ll hear more from me later on!

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