Kalymnos – Day 5

Today we decided to take a day off climbing. Since we aren’t used to climbing this much our skin started to hurt a little. A day off seemed like a nice plan!

I got up a bit later than usual and had some breakfast outside the apartment. We wanted to rent a couple of scooters but everyone was taken. Since I like to walk I decided to walk to a small village called Emporio that is located at the end of the main road on the southern part of Kalymnos. I think it took me about 3 and a half hours to walk there. The weather was nice and I took some pictures along the way so the hours went by pretty fast. After I had walked through a small village called Skalia I took a short rest along the road looking at some of the crags. A couple of guys from Stockhom that we met yesterday came walking by so I stayed for a while chatting with them about how awesome this place is. After a while I went on towards Emporio, and they walked back to the village we are staying at.

When I finally arrived in Emporio I sat down at a restaurant by the sea and had a nice tuna salad and some cold Mythos beer. Nothing is like an ice cold beer in the sun after walking 3-4 hours!

After some dozing in the sun I started the long walk back to Masourie (the village we live in). When a couple of cars came by I tried to hitchhike and after a while some Greek guys stopped and drove me back to the village, giving me about 3 hours more to relax.

After a short break in the apartment I went up to Fatolitis with my laptop to catch up on my RSS feeds and write a blog post or two. Now it’s time for some dinner, so I better get going.

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