Kalymnos – Day 3 and 4

Two more days gone by on this awesome island. Yesterday we went for a crag called Odyssey a little further up the road from the Grande Grotto. There were more people there but the crag was big enough for us all. IIRC we did 4 more or less easy routes there, one 6a+, two 6b+’s and one 6c. Can’t remember the names of the routes at the moment but I’ll include that in a later post.

After the climbing we headed back to the apartment to relax a little before heading out for some dinner. I had pork souvlaki at a place nearby which was really good. Kåre had some lamb that also looked great.

Today we got up around 9 as usual and had some breakfast at Fatolitis and went up to the right side of the Grande Grotto to try out some more routes there. We only did two routes and had a break and then headed up to Spartacus wall and did two more routes there. First we did a very nice long steep 6b and after some lunch we did Las Amazones which was 6c. I was tired from the first move so I was happy to do it in one go.

After packing we scrambled down to the road again and headed back to our apartment for an ice cold beer and a shower.

I’m on the bed writing this post now. We will soon go out for some dinner I guess. Not sure what to eat today though. Some fish would be nice. See y’all later!

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