Kalymnos – Day 2 and 3

A couple of days have gone by here now. This is by far the best place I have ever been to for climbing. Absolutely stunning!

We arrived here yesterday around 16:30 and quickly found a place to stay. I think the place we are staying at is called Artemis Studios or something like that. I’ll take some pictures of the place later on.

After we stashed our bags yesterday we headed out for a quick climb. We went up to the Afternoon wall close to the Grande Grotto. It took us about 35 minutes to walk up there. I guess the stairs at work will be a walk in the park after a couple of weeks here!

We managed to do one long climb (6b, ~40m) before dark, which apparently is around 19:00. After that we scrambled down the rather steep hill in the dark and headed back to our place for a quick shower. After that we went to a place next to Artemis called Fatolitis Snack Bar for some beers and some nice Greek salad. And that’s how yesterday went by.

Today we got up a bit late and went to Fatolitis for some nice breakfast. Eggs, bacon and sausages is a pretty good start to a days worth of climbing.

After breakfast we headed over to a crag on the right side of Grande Grotto for some easier routes. We did 4 routes from 6a+ to 6c and then took a lunch break. After that we headed over to the place we went to yesterday to do a long climb next to the one we did. It was a 6b+ at round 40 meters I think. I will do some notes in the guidebook I bought yesterday and write down some more info on the crags and climbs later on.

I have not been able to take any pictures yet, but I’ll bring my camera tomorrow and see if I can snap some. When it’s only two of us it’s not that easy to take a lot of pictures. We have met many nice climbers here so maybe we’ll team up with some others later on so I can take some climbing pictures. It would be cool to try and take some pictures while hanging in the wall. Climbing pictures taken from below is usually pretty boring to look at. Kåre has brought his 10-22mm lens so maybe I’ll try to use that a couple of times.

Anyways, now it’s time for some dinner and some more beer. We headed back to the camp a little earlier today to have some light while scrambling down from the crags! It’s about 19:30 here now so it’s getting pretty dark. You’ll hear more from me later on!

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