Kalymnos (Athens) – Day 1

So … day 1 of this years climbing trip. This is actually the first climbing trip that I brought my laptop. I have no idea why I did it, but right now I’m kinda glad I did. You’ll get to know why in a minute.

I had to get up around 04:00 since Kåre picked me up at around 5. The flight to Athens went from Rygge Airport so it was a short ride. I’m used to flying from Gardermoen so it was really nice to only have to drive for about 30 minutes and arrive at a small (and not very busy) airport. We had plenty of time so we sat down and had a coffee and some breakfast.

The flight to Athens took a little less than 4 hours so I managed to get some sleep while listening to Queens of the Stone Age and reading some pages in a book I picked up at Rygge called Tunnels.

When we arrived at Athens we had about 4 hours until the flight over to Kalymnos, so we just walked around the airport and ate some food and relaxed for a while. I did some more reading as well while listening to the latest Slipknot album, All Hope Is Gone.

Just before we were about to board the plane we saw that I was a bit delayed. No worries! Just listen to some more music and read some more. After some more delay messages we saw that the flight had been cancelled! Because of this we’re going to miss a days worth of climbing, and that kinda sucks since we’re not here for more than 10 days.

After we had picked up our baggage we headed over to Olympics Airlines‘ office and waited there for more info. It turned out we got a night at a hotel in Athens with dinner and breakfast for free so we got on our designated bus and drove over to the hotel.

After dinner I fetched my laptop and read some new entries in my RSS reader and started writing this post. I’m pretty sure I won’t be blogging too much while down here, but I’ll try to take some pictures and post them when I’ll get back. I still haven’t gotten around to make the pictures from my last trip public (sorry Hilde!) but maybe I’ll get to do that one evening. Anyways, it felt good to have the laptop around when I had this much time to spend.

So … now that I have written this I’ll go for a walk and try to find a bar close by to get a beer or two! See you all later!

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