Santa Clara – Day 5

Sooo, the day today started with a great breakfast in the room delivered by the ever so great room service! Why haven’t I got that at home?! Since there were no conference talks today I had decided to get up to Berkeley to check out the Adidas Originals store.

Naveed and myself took a quick cab ride to the CalTrain station to take the train up to SF. Once there he met up with his friend here and I went for Berkeley. I had written down some notes from google maps on how to get there so it wasn’t that hard figuring out where to go. I had to take the train down to the bay and then get on the Bart over to Downtown Berkeley Station. Once there I walked around a bit before I went for the Adidas store.

When I got to the store I got a little disappointed though. I visited similar stores when in New York and Chicago but this one was quite boring. I had hoped to find some nice shoes for Hilde but no luck! :( The were a couple ones I liked but they didn’t have the correct size. Sorry Hilde! So, all the way up to Berkeley for nothing! Well … at least I have been somewhere I haven’t been before, which is always nice!

After a coffee at a small cafe I headed back to SF to have a look at a couple of places I hadn’t been before. I somehow stumbled upon a rather huge North Face shop which I visited for some minutes. I just had to get out of there to avoid emptying my account. Since I picked up a jacket last weekend I thought to myself that I had gotten enough.

When I got out of the shop I continued to walk around for some hours. I really like the atmosphere in SF. There were a couple of people who stopped me to tell me that they loved my t-shirt (the one I’m wearing on this photo). That don’t really happen to often back home! To me it seems that people are much more open and talkative here. I wish it could be more like that at home as well.

After a while I got some food at a Mexican restaurant which I don’t remember the name of. The food wasn’t all that great so no loss. After the quick meal I walked down to the CalTrain station to get back to Santa Clara. There had been an accident of some sort so I was stuck on the station for well over an hour. I had my iPod with me so all I had to do was just sit down, relax and listen to some music.

Once I arrived in Santa Clara I got in a cab to go back to the hotel. The driver told me that it would be much cheaper to get off one station before Santa Clara and take a cab from there instead. Would have been nice to know that before my last cab ride here (at least for this time)! Anyways, once back at the hotel I ate some fried calamari at the hotel bar and had one last beer before going back to my room to pack up and write this post. I tried to upload some photos earlier today but the connection is quite horrible so I’ll wait until I get back home.

I have really enjoyed my stay here. San Francisco has become one of my favorite cities. I will most likely come back here for a longer stay sometime. I’m sure other cities on the west coast are great as well so when I get back here I’ll have to visit some other places as well. It’s time to go to sleep since we have to get up around 05:00 to go to the airport. See y’all later!

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One Response to Santa Clara – Day 5

  1. Morten Amundsen says:

    Enig. Veldig bra feeling i SF. Etter konferansen kjørte vi opp til Seattle, og også der var stemningen bra. Bra restauranter, og bra folk. Satt og drakk på en pub og bladde i en avis, og så tilfeldigvis at Carcass var på plass. Vi kastet oss i en taxi, og rakk akkurat den siste låta (kom gratis inn)… :)

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