Photo included in Schmap Guides

I got a message on Flickr a little while back from someone telling me that one of my photos (shown below) were to be included in a guide of Chicago called Schmap. I have no idea if the guide is any good, but with my picture in it I’m pretty sure it can’t be all that bad! :p I just got a new message telling me that the new guide was out with my photo (and allot of others’ photos as well) included. The photo they chose is attached to the Hyatt Regency O’Hare hotel and was taken at my stay there in 2007 while attending php|tek. And if I’m not mistaken Naveed is present at the photo (lower right corner), which is a pretty weird coincidence (concidering I’m at another Hyatt with him at the moment).

Check out the guide as well!

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One Response to Photo included in Schmap Guides

  1. Mats Lindh says:

    I have one of the images for Gothenburg, so this probably has to be the best guide that humanity has ever been able to create.

    Our Aphex. Our Legacy.

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