ZendCon/Santa Clara – Day 3

Getting up this morning was not that easy. I hadn’t slept too good so I skipped the first session to try to get some more sleep and get more out of the rest of day.

When I got up I went to a talk called Pick Your Protocol: Creating Web Services with Zend Framework by Matthew Turland. He had some technical issues to begin with so the talk was about 10 minutes too short. He talked some about REST, XML-RPC and SOAP and showed some examples using Zend Framework. Unfortunately I didn’t get too much out of this talk. If he had had two hours instead of one it would have been much better.

After this I went to check out Stefan Esser‘s talk about Lesser Known Security Problems in PHP Applications which I thought was good! No doubt that Stefan is very good when it comes to security issues (and probably lots of other things as well). Some of the issues he talked about was a bit obscure and requires the attacker to know allot about the system before attacking. Since there are so many open source products out there today this is often the case anyways so the stuff he talks about is very important.

After this talk I had some lunch and sat down with Morten Amundsen from Teleperformance and had a chat with him. Apart from Naveed and myself I believe Morten is the only one from Norway at ZendCon (with the exception of Sebastian Bergmann and Derick Rethans who at the moment lives in Norway).

As soon as lunch was over I headed over to see Ben Galbraith’s talk about State of Ajax which was probably one of the best talks here. People at the #zendcon channel on IRC just wanted to let him talk on, which I agreed to. The presentation was absolutely great!

After this I went to see Terry Chay’s UnCon talk called Making frameworks suck less. Terry Chay is an entertaining speaker and has some pretty interesting views on the topic. I also saw his “The internet is an Ogre” talk at php|tek in May which also was good.

When Terry was done I went across the hall to see Sebastian Bergmann’s Quickstart to Continious Integration talk. He showed us phpUnderControl which looked cool. As stated earlier I will try it out for some of the stuff I do at work. We have a dedicated machine for Subversion and Trac and I will probably try to get phpUnderControl up on that machine and see how it goes. When that happens I’ll be sure to blog about it.

At this point I was getting really tired but there was only one more session for the day. The last talk I attended was High Performance PHP & MySQL scaling techniques by Eli White. The talk was pretty much the same one that Eli did at php|tek in May. I learned more from the talk Jay Pipes did on Tuesday which was a bit more technical than this one.

When all the talks was over I headed over to the hotel bar to have some food together with a couple of guys I had talked to on the #zendcon IRC channel. At the bar I met a guy called Laurence Chalem who worked at Cisco that had written a book called Thrive with Diabetes. He was not here for the conference but lived close by and used to come to this hotel to eat. There was actually a guy from Norway who had written a chapter in his book. I don’t have diabetes myself but I know a couple of people that does have it, and some of the things he had to say was pretty interesting.

After we had finished eating we went up to check out the Yahoo! party here. The drinks were more than at the hotel bar so we just headed back down. I had talked to a guy called James about going someplace else to get a drink so we teamed up with Shahar, Nick, Alexander and Masi from Zend and headed down to San Jose to check out some pubs.

First we headed down to a street called Santana Row and went for an “Irish” pub called Rosie McCann’s Irish Pub that turned out to be a really bad disco. The description of the place from sanjose.com is kinda funny:

Rosie McCann’s Irish Pub in San Jose isn’t a typical Irish bar because being located in swanky Santana Row it has to play host to trendy diners and drinkers rather than brogue accented boozers who’s tastes don’t stray far from the meat and potato spectrum.

A bit prejudice, eh? If you are ever in San Jose looking for a good pub, please don’t go to this place.

We quickly got out and headed over to something completely different. The name of the place was Oasis and was what they call a dive bar, with karaoke and pool tables. We all liked this place allot more anyways so we stayed here for a while playing pool and listening to all the people singing. Quite fun.

Since we now had seen two extremes we wanted to go for something in between to just relax at the bar. Nick knew of a place nearby so we went there for a beer before going back to the hotel to get some sleep.

I was exhausted when I returned to the hotel (around 02:30) and I probably fell asleep before I hit the bed! I will go out for some food now (~19:00 on Thursday) so I’ll write more about todays talks later. I have also managed to get an USB cable so I have downloaded the photographs I have taken as of now and will upload some of the later today.

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One Response to ZendCon/Santa Clara – Day 3

  1. Very nice to meet you!! I saw this post when searching my name because I had recently put on some new advertising on Google. Hope the ZEND conference went great! Look me up the next time you’re in town and I’ll show you around — the good spots on Santana Row, not the bad ones.

    Take care… – lc

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