ZendCon/Santa Clara – Day 2

This day started with some cups of coffee and a good breakfast. I shared a table with Shahar and Masi and some other people from Zend. Talking to some really smart people is always a good way to start the day!

After the breakfast I headed over to the keynote held by Harold Goldberg, the CEO of Zend Technologies. He called in Andi Gutmans so that he could announce the partnership between Adobe and Zend and talk about some other stuff. As stated in Andi’s blog the goal of the partnership is to ease the development of Flex with PHP. Adobe will also provide AMF support to the Zend Framework which will be great!

After the keynote I attended Jay Pipes’ session on Join-fu: The Art of SQL Tuning for MySQL, which was very good! I picked up some good tips on MySQL performance and optimizing. Some of the stuff will come in really handy for the project that Mats and I are doing. I’ll bing some notes back to the guys at work as well so we can try to get stuff going even faster! Jay was really entertaining and knew how to keep the audience interested in what he had to say.

After Jay’s talk I went to the Getting Started with Zend Framework talk by Matthew Weier O’Phinney which for me was a bit too basic. The main reason for going to that talk for me was that none of the other talks were any interesting for me. At this point I started to think about why I had not signed up for the Zend Framework Certification test! Hopefully I will be able to bribe my boss to let me take the certification (yes, I know you’re reading this). :p

After the ZF talk it was time for lunch. I sat down with some guys from Digg and Eli White (which is an ex Digg’er) and enjoyed some good food while talking about some Memcached stuff.

After lunch I attended Scaling PHP Applications with Zend Platform by Shahar Evron (slides available on slideshare). Again, this was mostly because none of the other talks were very tempting. I had a feeling that none of the stuff in the talk was new to me since Shahar spent a couple of weeks with us at work teaching us about Zend Platform back in 2007. I have also been checking out some of the new features in Zend Platform myself after the course we had, so I knew what was coming. I think Shahar is a good speaker though so it was absolutely worth it anyways.

After this I attended PDO: PHP Data Objects by Wez Furlong in hopes of some information about further development of PDO (PDO2 with or without a CLA) since PDO has not seen to many updates lately. This never happened and the talk was pretty much the same as the one I attended at php|tek in 2007. I talked to Wez the other day about the PDO_OCI stuff still beeing marked as experimental in the docs and he said that it worked pretty good but it was still marked as experimental simply because noone had said otherwise. I will probably try to use PDO for the framework I develop at work when I will start to make components that interact to our article database. Hopefully we will be all-MySQL someday, but we have a long way to go.

This was my last session for today actually. I had a pretty bad headache so I went back to my room to relax a little. I think that 6 sessions in a day is too much. At the end of the day most people start to get unfocused and spend too much time on IRC or something else…

After a powernap I headed back down to have some dinner and free drinks and to collect some swag from the sponsors! Free food/drinks and swag == Instant win! I managed to get a cool Git tshirt, a Zend tshirt, a small RC car and some other cool stuff.

There is also another conference at the convention center called Diskcon that is about harddrives. They have some pretty amazing stuff on display. They have several harddiske from the early sixties and some other pretty obscure stuff. I’ll snap some pictures of the stuff tomorrow and post it on Flickr later. I forgot to hassle Derick for the USB cable today so I’ll try to get it tomorrow!

After the dinner I headed out to the hotel bar together with Justin, who I met yesterday, for some more beer. We sat there for a while talking about everything and just having a great time. After a while I was getting really tired so I headed back up to my room to relax a little (and to write this blog post).

It’s getting late, so I think I’ll just go to bed! Good night to you all.

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4 Responses to ZendCon/Santa Clara – Day 2

  1. Erlend says:

    Beer bribe accepted!

  2. You still haven’t been able to find a USB cable for your camera yet, I see. I was kind of hoping to see a few snaps from the parties you attend :-)

  3. christer says:

    @oter: Unfortunately I know better than taking pictures at parties. ;) I have a cable here now, so I’ll transfer the ones I have soon. There is a Yahoo party later today, so maybe I’ll bring my camera there.

  4. christer says:

    @Erlend: Sounds like a plan!

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