ZendCon/Santa Clara – Day 1

So, first day of ZendCon! I must say, this conference seems to be far better organized than the two php|tek’s I have been to. Everything just seems to work! The registration went by quickly and I got a sweet name tag with a small ribbon that said ZCE. Instant win!

The first tutorial I attended was PHP Developer Best Practices with Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Mike Naberezny (slides are available at Mike’s blog) which gave me some ideas on how to improve the way we do stuff at work regarding deployment/testing/documentation and more. I’m looking forward to writing up some more on this subject when I find the time for it! The talk also made me want to start using phpUnderControl for the framework stuff I do at work.

After the first talk I headed up to see Sebastian do his Quality Assurance in PHP Projects talk which was also very good. The slides are available at slideshare. I also picked up some ideas here regarding unit testing and how things can be done more efficient. I also picked up some ideas on how we can do Acceptance/System tests using Selenium RC.

After the two tutorials I relaxed in the hotel bar talking to some people and waiting for the ZCE dinner to get started. People here are very easy to talk to and it’s not that hard getting a good conversation going. It’s good that people wear name tags here because I suck at remembering names! Especially when you meet so many people at once.

Once the ZCE dinner started people went outside to the pool area where lots of pizza and beer was waiting! I talked some Norwegian with Derick Rethans while Sebastian Bergmann tried to follow along. I think he only understood very small portions of what we were saying though so we switched back to English pretty soon. I’ll borrow a USB cable from Derick tomorrow so I can transfer some photos from my camera and post some of them over at flickr.

After a while I noticed Shahar Evron standing around so I went over to have a chat with him and some other Zenders which was great.

I talked some with Matthew as well, who did the first tutorial today, about some Zend Framework stuff. It’s always cool to meet people you have only “talked” to via mail or on IRC.

There were some guys there (Ivo Jansch and some other guys from iBuildings) who recognized VG Multimedia from my name tag because they had tried out Varnish for their stuff (VG Multimedia initiated the project). They complained about the lack of 24/7 support for Varnish which Linpro didn’t want to do, which seemed like show stopper for them. They has also tried to use the ESI features in Varnish with mixed results. I’ll probably try to chat some more with them to see what they had been trying to do and what had gone wrong. We will probably try to use some ESI stuff at work soon so it would be great to know of problems that other people have encountered before we dive into it. It would also give me more to blog about and that can’t be bad! :)

After a while the temperature dropped and most of us went indoors and sat down in the hotel bar instead of standing outside freezing.

The pubcrawl that was planned didn’t seem to catch on. I think some guys went for it but a lot of others just sat in the hotel bar relaxing and having a blast. I met a really nice guy called Justin that seemed to share my taste in music. We just chatted away about music and some PHP related stuff. He mentioned a friend of his that is playing somewhere in SF on Wednesday and if he decides to go I’ll probably go there with him.

After a while I decided to head back up the my room to write this post and go to bed! And since the post is finished, the bed is awaiting my arrival! See y’all later!

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4 Responses to ZendCon/Santa Clara – Day 1

  1. Erlend says:

    Sounds like a great day!

  2. christer says:

    @Erlend: It was indeed a great day. I expect no less of the other days over here! :)

  3. Stein says:

    Be sure to try the great five star resturant just down the road from the hotel. I belive its called “taco bell” or something like that

  4. christer says:

    @Stein: Sounds like a great place! I’ll be sure to check it out. :p

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