San Francisco/Santa Clara – Day 3

So, how did this day start? You guessed it! With a ride on a fabulous cable car towards the bay area. Since I was going out to Alcatraz at 1130 I thought I could find some place to eat breakfast at Pier 39. I went for some eggs and bacon at a place called Wipeout Bar & Grill which was just your average tourist restaurant. Since I didn’t have too much time I quickly finished eating and headed over to Pier 33 where the boat to Alcatraz waited.

The weather at this time was not too good but it cleared up just before the ride started. I took some pictures from the boat and some more on the island that I’ll post as soon as I can borrow an USB cable from someone!

It was really cool walking around the island looking at the old buildings and seeing the small cells that people did time in. The cells were smaller than I imagined though! I went inside one of them and sat down on the “chair” to relax a little. I can’t imagine how it would be like to only have this small space to “live” in for about 25 years like Creepy Karpis. I had a look at the isolation rooms as well and I can’t really say they looked like somewhere I would like to stay. Anyways, it was a very cool experience to see the place.

After a couple of hours out there I went back to the bay and walked around some more. On the way back to the hostel I stumbled upon a couple of guys playing some music on the sidewalk. They were called The Ferocious Few and was pretty good! I picked up a cheap CD and hung around listening to them for a while while enjoying a cup of coffee.

When back at the hostel we grabbed a taxi down to the Caltrain station to take the train down to Santa Clara. We quickly grabbed a taxi when we arrived and headed over to the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara hotel. I had read some reviews of the hotel before we left and some of them were not that positive. I have been to better hotels but it’s a typical business hotel I guess. It’s also connected to the Convention Center which is very convenient. I’m really looking forward to going to sleep here though. It’s been a while since I have had a good night’s sleep in a good bed…

After unpacking we went out to find something to eat. We walked around outside of the hotel for a while but quickly found out that there was not really anything at all around here. We went back to the hotel and ate in the hotel bar instead. I started talking to a nice guy called Jacob from Minnesota who’s here for Zendcon as well. He had also figured out that there was not much going on around here. Well … enough about that! I’m back in my room now and the bed is waiting! The conference starts tomorrow at 0900 and I plan to attend PHP Developer Best Practices by Matthew Weier O’Phinney and either Quality Assurance in PHP Projects by Sebastian Bergmann or SQL Query Tuning by Jay Pipes.

Now I better try out the bed before I fall asleep on the laptop. Good night people!

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