San Francisco – Day 1 and 2 cont.

I bet you’re all eager to know how I spent the rest of my Saturday in SF?! Well … here goes!

After writing yesterdays post I went out and hopped on the first cable car to go back down to the Bay Area to do some shopping. I seem to always pick up some North Face stuff while over here and this time was no exception. I got myself a new Gore Tex jacket and a back pack which was needed since I lost a couple of back packs in the great flood of 2008.

After some shopping I just wandered aimlessly around looking at whatever SF threw my way. I tend to like doing that actually … just walking around taking pictures and getting to know the city. I must say that SF is one of the coolest cities I have been to. The atmosphere here is great! I’m pretty sure I’ll come back here to stay longer and maybe visit other cities nearby. I would really like to visit Yosemite for some climbing as well. A (climbing) vacation here for 3-4 weeks would be absolutely awesome!

Anyways … after more walking I headed back to the hostel to meet up with Naveed. He was pretty tired so he went to sleep early. I was not too tired and was feeling a bit thirsty so I headed down to a place called Gold Dust Lounge that I had noticed earlier. The place is pretty small and offers live music. Last night some older guys was playing some covers of country/folk songs (Creedence, Cash, ++). After some beers and talking to some local guys I started to feel tired so I headed back up to the hostel to get some sleep before the checkout at 10AM the next morning.

Unfortunately I forgot to bring the usb cable to transfer the images from my camera and I don’t have a memory card reader with me so I can’t post any photographs yet. I’ll figure something out though!

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