Zend Framework 1.6 available

A new version of the Zend Framework has just been released. New features include:

  • Zend_Tool
  • Lucene 2.3 Index File Format Support
  • Zend_Session save handler for Database Tables
  • Paginator Component
  • Figlet Support
  • ReCaptcha Service
  • Captcha Form Element
  • Zend_Config_Xml Attribute Support
  • Zend_File_Transfer Component
  • File Upload Form Element
  • Zend_Wildfire Component with FireBug Log Writer

This is my (as of yet) favorite release because my contribution (Zend_Service_ReCaptcha) is now a part of the Zend Framework.

So grab a copy and start playing!

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2 Responses to Zend Framework 1.6 available

  1. Are the Lucene components usable and the APIs complete now?

  2. christer says:

    @oter: Lots of stuff has happened with those components since I played with them (~1,5 years ago).

    It might seem that Solr is a better choice anyways. I’ll try to find some time to play with these components and maybe do a comparison with Solr regarding performance.

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