100 push ups: Week 2, day 3

Since I was at a reunion party last Saturday I was not really able to gather enough energy to take any push ups at all on Sunday, so I did them today instead!

First I went out bouldering for a couple of hours which was pretty exhausting considering I have almost not climbed at all this summer! When I got home I went for the push ups immediately. Todays set was 15, 15, 12, 12, max (min 15). I set a new personal best today with 40 for the last set. The last 6-7 push ups was a pain! I tried as hard as I could to get 41, but I didn’t have a chance!

The program for week 3 looks somewhat harder (go figure!). I’ll do the max test within a couple of days to see which column I have to follow for week 3.

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One Response to 100 push ups: Week 2, day 3

  1. Kenneth says:

    Artig å følge med på utviklingen din med maks push ups.
    Tok akkurat dag 1 av uke 2 med overraskende 28 som maks.

    Er ikke i tvil om at du klarer 100 push ups etter seks uker, da du allerede er oppe i 40 etter to ;)

    Lykke til.

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