AOTW 34, 2008: Neil Young – Greendale

And this week, the award goes to a true legend, Neil Young. Greendale was released in 2003. The album is about a fictional family (The Green’s) in a fictional place (Greendale) and was recorded with Crazy Horse.

Originally the cd was released with a DVD with some live footage of Neil Young playing some of the songs acoustic. In 2004 the album was re-relased with a different DVD, this time of Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

The first time I heard this album was at Oslo Konserthus, the 23rd of April 2003 where Neil Young had an acoustic solo performance. I went there with a friend and we had not checked the setlist from the first show on the tour (if I remember correctly Oslo was the second show on the tour. Stockholm was first I think) so we had no idea what we could expect. We where somewhat surprised when the first half of the concert was completely new to us both. I was just sitting there and thinking “what have I missed?! I have never heard this stuff before!”.

Any-hoo, that concert is still on my top three list of concerts I have been to. It was simply amazing. It was a great way of getting to know the Greendale album as well.

My three favorite songs from the album are:

  • Double E
  • Devil’s Sidewalk
  • Sun Green
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