Rain + Flood = Suckage!

The other day there was quite a lot of rain where I live (Fredrikstad, Norway). So much in fact that my lower floor was filled with water because of the pipes where I live could not handle the amount of rain. Too bad my bedroom, bathroom and office was on that floor…I had about 15 cm of water at the most in the floor so all the furniture was destroyed along with a couple of computers (not sure if they are completely dead yet) and lots of other stuff (clothes, bags, computer stuff++).

I have now moved all my stuff up in my livingroom and I’ll be staying there for a while. A company will come and remove the floors and most of the walls downstairs within a week. They will place some kind of heater there that will dry the place up (takes a couple of weeks) and then they can start rebuilding the place. At least my couch is comfortable enough to sleep on! :)

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