Zend/PHP Conference & Expo in September

Naveed from work and I will be going to Zendcon in Santa Clara in September. We will be going to San Francisco on September 12th and will be staying there for the weekend.

I’m really looking forward to seeing a small part of SF (can’t get too much done when we only have a couple of days). The conference looks really great as well! The schedule is packed with cool stuff. I haven’t decided on anything yet but I’ll keep you posted.

So if any of my readers are in SF that weekend (Friday 12th and Saturday 13th) and would like to show me some great bars I would be delighted! :)

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2 Responses to Zend/PHP Conference & Expo in September

  1. Considering your new bicycle, you should also get someone to show you where to hire a bicycle and, most importantly, where to use it :-)

  2. christer says:

    Thats actually a pretty good idea! Thanks. :)

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