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So … what has old Edvartsen been up to the last couple of days? Well … last Friday I picked up my brand new bicycle from the local postal office. I ordered it the week before and it arrived at my place last Tuesday but since I wasn’t home it was sent to the postal office.

My first trip with it was on Saturday when I rode out to Engelsviken for a summer party at a friend. The trip was about 14km and it took me ~32 minutes which was ok I guess considering I hadn’t been sitting on a bike for about 2 years, which my ass kindly reminded me of after about 10 minutes on the not-so-soft seat.

The bike I got is a Full-Dynamix R4.0 20″ alloy frame with Deore XT all over and a Rock Shox Reba Race fork. The colors in the picture below are a bit off. The pink-ish color is actually red.

Full Dynamix R4.0

Full-Dynamix R4.0

The first two trips (to Engelsviken and back home) was not exactly off road and the tires I have on aren’t suited for fast straight riding, but I went for a 15km trip on my old running track today to see if I still had some guts to ride at least a little hard. The frame seems stiff and solid and the fork was very pleasant. I can adjust the stiffness of the fork from a lever on the handlebar (2 positions only) so I can soften it if I need it, and harden it if I need that. Worked like a charm.

Since I forgot to reset the timer on the computer before I took off today (I only reset the distance) I have no idea how long I rode but I will take the same trip a couple of times more this week. I’ll probably even make some graphs of some sort (yeah, I’m a statistics nerd).

My friend Mats has challenged me to enter Grenserittet which is a 80km long race from Strømstad (in Sweden) to Halden (in Norway). The route profile is shown below and the colors represent the type of the surface. Red means a “path” in the wood, blue is asphalt and gray is gravel, so it’s mostly gravel with a couple of pretty steep parts.

Route profile

Route profile

I’ll do 2-3 shorter trips this week and a longer trip on 55-60km in the weekend to see what kind of shape I am in! If all goes well I’ll enter the “competition”.

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