AOTW 27, 2008: Bert Jansch – The Black Swan

This week I have chosen the latest album from the great Scottish folk musician (Her)bert Jansch. Some of you might know him from the band Pentangle, which he was a founding member of.

The Black Swan is not his best album IMO, but I have listened to it quite a lot the last months. This album has a tendency to bring back some good memories for me and since the last couple of months have not been too great in my personal life I have listened to it more than usual.

My three favorite songs are:

  • Hey Pretty Girl
  • High Days
  • Watch the Stars

“Watch the Stars” is also featured on Pentangles Sweet Child album from ’68. The Black Swan version of this song features Beth Orton on vocals together with Jansch. She also sings on some of the other tracks on The Black Swan album.

Expect more from Jansch on my AOTW series!

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