Chicago – Day 5 (php|tek – Day 3)

The days are going by pretty fast over here! Suddenly it’s the last day of the conference and soon we will be going back to Norway. Well … these are the talks I attended the last day:

  1. Securing the PHP Environment With PhpSecInfo by Ed Finkler
  2. High Performance PHP & MySQL scaling techniques by Eli White
  3. APC @ Facebook by Brian Shire
  4. The Internet is an Ogre by Terry Chay

The APC talk was pretty much the same as the one I saw at last years php|tek. It included some of the new features of APC but the rest was pretty much the same. Terry Chay’s keynote speech was pretty amusing but contained IMO a bit too many f*ck’s and s*it’s.

After the conference was over we took a short break and headed downtown Chicago for some last day shopping and relaxing. We took a taxi but the driver suggested that he could take us to the nearest Blue Line station instead because of the traffic. We got off at Washington and headed for the nearest restaurant which happened to be The Italian Village. The food was great so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, go check it out.

After eating we went out for some shopping. The others stopped by a big shopping center to buy some jeans and other stuff. I took off and headed for The North Face shop in the famous John Hancock Center. Once I was done there I headed over to an Adidas store nearby to get some shoes.

I met up with the rest of the guys at the top of the Hancock Center for a beer and a break. The view of the city up there is pretty amazing. We didn’t step outside though and the bar was full so we had to sit someplace else.

Once out of the building we took a cab back to the hotel. Our flight left early the morning after so we headed for our rooms to pack our things and just relax.

And that’s it for this years php|tek!

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