Zend_Service_Recaptcha proposal

A little while back I wrote a set of classes in PHP to fetch a reCAPTCHA instead of using the libraries they offer (which is just a set of functions). I checked to see if there was a proposal for a reCAPTCHA ZF component and Pádraic Brady had a proposal placeholder in the wiki. There was no relevant information in the proposal so I restructured my stuff a little to make it “ZF compliant” and sent Padraic an email about it.

The proposal has been updated and I’m co-proposing it with Pádraic and you’ll find it over at the ZF wiki.

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4 Responses to Zend_Service_Recaptcha proposal

  1. And I still owe you the few updates I made ;).

  2. christer says:

    @paddy: True! Still waiting for an email. :)

  3. bilal says:

    hello sir.

    Can you please give me your re captcha fetcher class ?? I need it for my project, I need to fetch recaptcha for my client to submit a form.
    Please help

  4. christer says:

    @bilal: The component will ship together with the 1.6 version of the Zend Framework which will come out shortly. You can however fetch it from svn if you like over at http://framework.zend.com/svn/framework/

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