Chicago – Day 4 (php|tek – Day 2)

It was a tad bit hard to get up this morning but I managed to attend the following talks:

  1. Test Driven Design in PHP by Jason Sweat
  2. Of Haystacks and Needles by Derick Rethans
  3. PEAR, Phar, and Smart PHP Application Deployment by Greg Beaver
  4. Help, my website has been hacked, now what? by Eli White

After talking to some of the other guys I wish I had went to Performance Tuning MySQL by
Morgan Tocker instead of the Phar talk that was IMO pretty boring and left me with nada. I guess it’s hard to be more specific on the topics when you only have one hour as I wrote earlier…

Anyways, I met up with Shahar Evron from Zend that had a course for some of us at VG last year. I had hoped to grab a beer later on with him but we didn’t find each other so we’ll take it some other time.

After the talks I relaxed a bit before heading over to Gibson’s with the NRK and Dagbladet guys. Erlend was at a family dinner since he has some family here in Chicago and Peter went downtown with Espen and Espen from Go Mobile. This time I had brought my passport so I could enjoy some Samuel Adams with the food over at Gibson’s but this time they didn’t ask us for ID at all!

After the steak orgie I headed over to Shoeless Joe’s with Andreas and one of the guys from Dagbladet for a couple of beers. We were all pretty stuffed from Gibson’s so we didn’t stay at Joe’s for very long.

Last year we went downtown Chicago every day after the talks but this year we have been more around the hotel which has been very ok actually. Several hours of talks each day is pretty exhausting and it’s nice to take it easy once in a while. It’s also pretty boring to spend 45 minutes on the rapid transit each way…

And once again … that’s it for today!

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