Chicago – Day 3 (php|tek – Day 1)

So, the first official day of php|tek 2008. Andi Gutmans held the keynote which was very good. I’ll post some links to presentations once I find them.

On the first day I attended the following talks:

  1. Choosing RIA technologies by Josh Eichorn
  2. State & Ajax – How to maintain browser, and application state in an asyc world by Paul Reinheimer
  3. XQuery: Next Generation Data Access, Today by Kitman Cheung
  4. Building Distributed Web Applications by Jason Rexilius
  5. Facebook performance caching by Lucas Nealan

It’s quite exhausting to go through all this in a day and at the end of the day it’s hard to stay focused. It might be better to have each talk last about 2 hours and be more in-depth instead. Some of the talks I have attended are quite basic stuff, and I think it’s a waste of time to do that at a conference such as this one. People don’t come here to learn basic php, right?

After all the talks we went to our rooms and relaxed a bit. I got to write some posts and uploaded some photos to my flickr account.

Later there was a Rockband battle here at the hotel which was quite fun. Paul Reinheimer and some other guys had dressed up as Kiss and was rocking out when I got there. Microsoft sponsored the event and the drinks were on the house for the first hour (and then became ridiculously expensive). I had some experience from Guitar Hero III on my 360 and we formed a band called Fjord that consisted of me on guitar, Andreas (from NRK) on vocals, Fredrik (also from NRK) on drums and another guy (Mike?) on bass. We failed miserably and didn’t qualify for the second round. I totally blame the other guys!

After the Rockband battle we headed over to the hotel bar for some drinks where we met up with two guys from Dagbladet (another Norwegian news paper) and some other guys from Sweden. We had great fun and then headed over to a nearby bar called Shoeless Joe’s and stayed there for a while having fun. To get there we had to play frogger across the main highway right by the hotel. Since it was pretty late it was not that much traffic though.

And that’s it! Another day gone by in Chicago!

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