Chicago – Day 1

The flight over here went pretty quickly and we got our bags at once so we headed out to see if we could find the shuttle bus to the Sheraton Gateway hotel. We stood outside for a while waiting for the bus until a guy offered to take us there for a rather small amount of bucks, so why not!

Once at the hotel we checked in and went to our rooms to pack out our stuff and relax a little. After a while I went over to Erlends room where I met up with Erlend and the two guys from Go Mobile (Espen & Espen) that’s here for php|tek as well. We were all pretty hungry so we quickly ordered a table at Gibson’s Steak House that is close to the hotel we stayed at last year.

Once there we had to wait for about 15-20 minutes so we hung out in the bar having a beer while waiting for our table. Once we got our table the waiter needed our passports if we wanted alcohol but since I only had my Norwegian drivers license I had to stick with water. No problem since I came for the yellowfin tuna that was absolutely delicious! I’ll go back there once more during the week to try out something else.

When we got back to the hotel we met up with the NRK guys in the hotel bar and had some beers before going to bed. And thats it for the first day in Chicago!

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