I just read about something called 123-meme on oterbloggen. What’s that, you ask?

  1. Pick up the book closest to you
  2. Open page 123
  3. Find the 5th sentence…
  4. …and publish the next three sentences
  5. Link to 5 other bloggers and tell who linked you

The book closest to me is actually a book I have borrowed from Jo Christian (that linked me). It’s called Bringing Down the House and it’s about some MIT students that teams up and learns how to count cards and uses that to win millions of dollars from casinos. Here are the sentences:

‘Good luck with your third round,’ she said, before numbly walking away. Kevin watched her go. Then he gathered up his briefcase and headed for his gate.

Last I have to drag some other people into this as well. I can only think of two names at the moment so I’ll link those: Mats, Shahar.

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One Response to 123-meme

  1. Shahar Evron says:

    Nah, I refuse to participate in this meme – it smells too much like chain mail etc.

    In any case it’s highly likely that the book nearest to me is Hebrew anyway ;)

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