New York – Day 4 (last day)

Now onto our last day in NYC…

When we got home the night before our last day the janitor had not yet come home so we didn’t know if he were staying somewhere else or that he was coming home later that night. But when we woke up he was there and it felt kinda weird not having said hello to the poor guy who had his apartment invaded by a bunch of Norwegian guys. He told us that the room was used if the hostel was overbooked so he was used to having “guests” over. We never got his name but some of our guesses included Johnny and Gordon. Maybe we’ll find out the next time!

First we headed out to some diner nearby that I can’t remember the name of to get some breakfast and then went over to check out of the hostel. We had about three hours left in NYC so we decided we could just get on one of the numerous tourist buses to see some of the things we had missed. The bus ride took about 2 hours and we got to see a lot of places we hadn’t been to. Near the end of the ride the weather got really cold and windy so we jumped off a bit early and headed over to the hostel to pick up our bags.

And that’s about it! We headed over to the airport and got on the plane to Chicago! I had a great time in NY this time as well. Last year I visited some museums and saw a lot of the typical tourist sites and this year we had a more relaxed schedule. Well … we didn’t really have a schedule at all this year and that was quite nice, and I can’t wait to come back to NY!

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