New York – Day 3

Another day in the big apple! So … how did we spend our third day in NY?

Once again we woke up pretty early. Damn that jet lag! Again we had no major plans for today but we all wanted to go over to Brooklyn and look around. After a small breakfast at the Bread Factory Cafe that was just around the corner from where we lived we headed up to Columbus Circle St. up at 59th to catch the A-train to Brooklyn.

We went off at a random station once we were across the river. We just walked around a bit to see how it was. Last year I think we took a different train and went off somewhere closer to downtown Brooklyn. The place we got off at this time seemed pretty boring.

After a while we came across the Polytechnic University where they had some computer fair that we had to visit! There were a bunch of people there selling off old computers, games, monitors, adult dvd movies (!) and whatnot. We took off pretty quickly and headed over to the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn is a really cool place and I regret not spending more time there this time but since we were only here for a couple of days you can’t do everything right?

We went across Brooklyn Bridge back into NYC and just walked around looking at all there is to look at. The only mission for today was to visit B&H Photo Video to pick up some stuff. Erlend got the very sweet Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 for Hilde at work and I picked up the awesome Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 USM L along with a Canon EF 2x II Extender (one for Mats as well) and the Canon Speedlite 580EX E-TTL II Flash. I’ll probably try to get some shots with the 70-200 while in Chicago to see what it can do!

After the shopping spree at B&H we went back to our hostel. We had to move over to another room for the last night since the Hostel was overbooked so we had packed our bags earlier today. Once there we met the lady in charge and she took us outside towards our new room. We though we were just going in the next door or something when we walked out but we ended up walking over to 55th and 8th and shared our last night at the hostel with the janitor in his apartment. He wasn’t there when we came so we just unloaded our stuff and took a short break. While there I solved some Sudoku puzzles and wrote yesterdays post.

This post is not meant to criticize the Swiss 1291 Hostel by any means! When I come to New York again I will probably be staying there again and I would recommend it to anyone else going to NY as well if you’re looking for something cheap and central.

After the quick break we headed over to Hooters at 56th and Broadway for some good American food … ehm … At least that what we like to think! The food was ok and so were the waitresses. No more comments! :p

After the meal we headed over to McGee’s again for some beers. We ended up only having one and almost falling asleep at the table so we just headed back to the apartment.

And there you go! Another day spent in NY! I’m writing this post from the hotel room in Chicago and I’ll post some more later today about our last day in NY and some other stuff about what I plan to attend at php|tek!

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One Response to New York – Day 3

  1. Hilde says:

    I send my huge thanks to Erlend for picking up the lens for me – and a thank you to you other photogs for taking him to B&H in the first place!

    Looking forward to see how the 70-200 treats Chicago!

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