New York – Day 2

Time to write about the major happenings of our second day in New York! I’m actually on day three now and I’m writing this from the janitors apartment, but thats a whole other story (actually it will be tomorrows story).

As we woke up between 0700 and 0800 yesterday after a night out we were all a bit tired, but because of the jet lag we couldn’t sleep any longer. The weather was really nice so no reason to stay inside anyways! Erlend had already been out for breakfast when I got up so we had to find something for Peter and myself. There was a fair at the 9th avenue so we wandered around there for a bit and looked at some of the stuff they sold there. It was mostly t-shirts and some typical photographs of famous buildings and stuff in New York. There were a load of burrito stands so Peter and I had a big burrito and a coke for breakfast.

After a while we decided to head up to the GE Building (Rockefeller Center) to get a better view of the city. I was in the Empire State Building last year and the view was slightly better there but the line at the Rockefeller was much shorter. I guess the wait over at the Empire State isn’t worth it. I didn’t bring my camera so no pictures for you!

After some more snacks at the fair we headed back to the hostel for some rest. While there I wrote yesterdays post, picked up my camera and then headed for Central Park. Since the weather was great we relaxed a bit in the sun just looking at all the people. We also saw some bouldering in the park but the problems looked pretty boring. The park was pretty crowded so I can’t imagine how it’s like in the middle of the summer on a good day. I took some pictures in the park but the open wireless networks we can use from the apartment are really unstable so I won’t be able to upload any pictures until I’m in Chicago.

After relaxing in the park we headed back to the apartment for showers and the we headed out to meet Andreas for dinner and a concert. We took the A train over to Washington Square and found a random Italian restaurant that turned out to be pretty good! Can’t remember the name of the restaurant though but if I did I would recommend it! Peter was a bit disappointed though since he only got a regular coke when ordering rum and coke, but considering his shape at the end of the previous night it was probably good that he didn’t get that rum!

After the dinner we went over to Joe’s pub at Lafayette streed to see The Hitmen of Music Row. These guys are songwriter that have written numerous #1 hits over the years and it was really cool to see them sing and play their own songs. The Hitmen of Music Row consist of Bob DiPiero, Tony Mullins, Jeffrey Steele, and Craig Wiseman. They have written songs for country artists such as Faith Hill, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tim McGraw and numerous others. The best song IMO was Jeffrey Steele’s “Drunk Girl”. Great stuff!

After the show was over (it only lasted about an hour) we went over to a blues pub called Terra Blues that had a live band playing cover songs and just jamming. I believe it was Clarence Spady Band who played there yesterday and they were truly great! Erlend and Peter went home early since they were tired but I stayed there with Andreas to meet up with the other two guys from NRK. When they arrived we went over to a bar called The Red Lion. Just your average bar with an overeager waitress who seemed to believe she was working at Coyote Ugly. I had some Brooklyn Pale Ale which were absolutely great! Not as good as Brooklyn Lager but still … pure greatness!

And thats about it! We are leaving for some food and maybe a movie pretty soon so I better stop writing. More about what happened today tomorrow!

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