New York – Day 1

Arrived in New York yesterday. It was raining hard so we took a cab to the hostel as soon as we got out of the airport.

We are staying at the Swiss 1291 Hostel at 337 West 55th street between 8th and 9th avenue so it’s pretty central. The place is somewhat like the hostel I stayed at last year except we share rooms with three others. It’s fine by me since we’re not going to stay at the hostel too much (I’m writing this post from the hostel though).

You’re all probably wondering what we did the first day here, so here’s a quick recap:

After we had stashed our bags at the hostel we went out for a quick snack. It was around 16:00 (22:00 back home) and we were not really that hungry after two meals on the flight over. As soon as we went out from the hostel we came across this Mexican place that seemed nice enough. Since it was still raining quite hard we didn’t want to walk around too much looking for restaurants.

Next we went to a pub called McGee’s to lay down the plans for the night. Little did we know that visiting pubs were pretty much all we were going to do for the rest of the day. Not that I’m complaining!

At McGee’s we started talking to a firefighter from Tahoe called Scott that was here for the weekend to see the Mets game or something like that. After a little while he took us down town to some other pubs where we played some pool and had some more beer. Finally I got to taste the lovely Brooklyn Lager again! I have a feeling I will have some more of those before I go back home. After a while at the pool table we went to some other place nearby that had some live music. We spent some hours here and we all started to get really tired after a while. We had all been up for about 24 hours (8 of them on an airplane) so it was time to go back to the hostel.

And … thats about it actually. We met some nice people and had a great time so the first day was a success. Because of the rain I didn’t bring my camera so no photos yet. The weather is really nice today though so I’ll probably take some later today.

Time to go!

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2 Responses to New York – Day 1

  1. The only thing I find a little strange in your report, is this sentence: “Little did we know that visiting pubs were pretty much all we were going to do for the rest of the day.”… Even I knew that you were going to do that and I’m thousands of miles away! :-)

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