Soon off to New York and Chicago

Friday next week Erlend from work and myself will be going to New York for a weekend before heading off to Chicago for php|tek 2008. Last year I went with Andreas (who no longer works for VG, but will be going with us anyway with some other guys from his new employer NRK) and Naveed. Since we’re a bit short on manpower at work these days Naveed will have to stay in Oslo and keep alive … poor guy!

Erlend has booked some place to sleep in NY for the weekend. I can’t remember where but it was pretty central (and cheap) so it’s probably crowded and smelly. :p But we won’t be staying there too long so I don’t really care about that. Details schmetails!

I’ll try to do some blogging from NY and upload some new photos (which I have been really bad at lately). I did take some pictures last year though (some of which are on my flickr page). I think I have a huge amount of photos from that trip that I still haven’t uploaded to flickr though. Yeah, I know … I’m lazy.

I still haven’t decided on what to see at php|tek though, but I’ll have a look at the schedule later this week and hopefully fill up the calendar. You’ll get the details once I’ve made up my mind!

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One Response to Soon off to New York and Chicago

  1. Shahar Evron says:

    I’ll see you and Erlend (and Andreas) in php|tek ;) I’ll also be in NY – but after the conference.

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