Use a SOCKS proxy to connect to MSN Messenger in Pidgin

At work I’ve been using the HTTP Method in Pidgin to connect to the MSN Messenger service because of some rules in our firewall. Since the firewall is not that stable I was disconnected all the time which was kinda annoying. A coworker gave me a tip on just setting up the MSN account in Pidgin to connect to MSN via a SOCKS proxy. Since I have a computer running Linux at home with a decent enough connection I opened up a proxy from my machine at work to my home computer just using the bind-port option of the ssh command:

ssh -v -D 1080 -C <user>@<host>

Now all connections on port 1080 on my machine at work will be forwarded to my home computer.

The -v option generates some debug messages so the connection doesn’t time out. I’m not really sure if this is needed, but it doesn’t hurt to enable it.The -C option enables (gzip) compression.

The last thing that must be done is to change the MSN account in Pidgin to use localhost:1080 as SOCKS proxy (see image below)

I can’t remember being disconnected a single time after I did this. :)

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6 Responses to Use a SOCKS proxy to connect to MSN Messenger in Pidgin

  1. Elaine says:

    I have a hotmail email address and use a laptop with linux. I have never used this before, but it came with my netbook and my netbook has pidgin 2.0.2. I have tried to connect to MSN and am able to view my contacts but cannot IM any one. I checked the config and no matter what i try i cannot get it to work. I also noticed that in my advance settings tab I do not have the HTTP Method server box. My only option is to check or uncheck HTTP method server without the option to amend it. What can I do to get the version I have to work?

  2. Robomaster says:

    Nice tutorial! I wrote a review on Pidgin, if you want to see it, it’s here:

  3. None says:

    Use autossh for the connection. It monitors the SSH connection and restarts it when it becomes unresponsive or fails.
    It takes the same options as SSH because it is a wrapper of sorts.
    apt-get install autossh ;)

  4. what if i faced the same problem, but it happen on Windows OS, Thanks

  5. christer says:

    @Central I don’t use windows so I have no idea.

  6. madmat says:

    realy i try a gaine but any solution please i need a solution

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