Example Zend Framework Blog application

Pádraic Brady is running a series of articles on how to make a blogging application using Zend Framework. He starts off part one by saying:

So here is Part 1 of another lengthy PHP tutorial series on writing a blog application using the Zend Framework. To make things interesting, this will not be an articifial example – when development has ceased, I will deploy and put into production my marvelous new blog, and then proceed to modify it to the point of death, bending it to my will. Muahahahaha.

Part 1: Introductory Planning
Part 2: The MVC Application Architecture

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3 Responses to Example Zend Framework Blog application

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  2. khuyen says:

    thanhks very in you good document

  3. I have developed an application to manage and organize knowledge based on topic maps with the Zend Framework: http://www.quesucede.com. The Zend Framework was both very productive and relatively easy to use.

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