Not worthless afterall!

pricetagEach morning I usually go through some blogs and today I read a post(Norwegian only) on “oterbloggen” about some kind of widget that could tell me how much my blog was worth. Thinking about the quality of my posts the first number I thought of was a big fat 0, but to my surprise this blog was worth a whopping $564.54!

After reading another post(also in Norwegian) on oterbloggen I saw that it was worth exactly the same as my blog so I’m a bit worried about the validity of the how-much-is-your-blog-worth application…

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One Response to Not worthless afterall!

  1. Jo Christian says:

    We should join forces in a blog network and sell out immedeately, becase then I think we’ll get enough cash to buy a good meal in Oslo’s best restaurant :-)

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