Mass Effect once more

Yesterday I finished Mass Effect for the first time, and as soon as I had done that I just had to start at the beginning again. I started a new game with the same character (the default) so now I can hopefully get the 50th and 60th level achievements.

To get 100% on this game I would have to finish the game at least three times though… I’ll have to see if I think it’s worth it. I think the game is really good, so it’s not impossible that I will try to get 100%.

Now I am reading up on the Mass Effect wiki to try and get most of the missions and achievements in the game.

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2 Responses to Mass Effect once more

  1. dude100 says:


    That’s great your playing that RPG once more. Must be that good! How long did it take you to finish the first time through? I have a copy and have played it abit, but it has mostly been lying around. I’ve been playing Halo and the like most often.

  2. christer says:

    It took me a while to finish it the first time but now that I know what to do and where to go it’ll go much faster I guess. I haven’t been playing it the last weeks though. I picked up Guitar Hero 3 last Saturday so I’ll leave Mass Effect for some time to play some other stuff, but I guess I’ll get back to it. :)

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