New proposal for the Zend Framework

Earlier today I started on a new proposal for a user agent component for the Zend Framework. You can check out the proposal here (the proposal is faaaar from ready, I just put it up there to have something to begin with). If someone out there have any ideas or whatever, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

The component can be used to figure out what kind of client is accessing it. Lets say we have a mvc based application and we would like to make different views for different clients (mobile phones, smart phones, browsers, rss readers and so on)… This could then be done by asking Zend_UserAgent what type of device we are dealing with and present the correct view for the client.

A list of user agents can be found over at and that is probably the database I will use with the component.

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2 Responses to New proposal for the Zend Framework

  1. Shahar Evron says:

    Didn’t look at the proposal – but don’t you think this should be a part of Zend_Controller_Request or a Zend_Controller_Action helper ?


  2. christer says:

    Well … it might be used for other things as well though. Not necessarily in a controller. I will try to update the proposal some more and add some use cases later today. It’s in very poor state at the moment.

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