php|tek: day #3

Today was the last conference day. I know that a lot of other guys was going to skip the “Microsoft Tools and Platforms for PHP” talk by Joe Stagner, but I decided to go anyways. I don’t use Windows for other than gaming (and I usually go gaming on consoles), but I think it’s interesting to hear about what they are up to. Joe talked a bit about what he was doing at Microsoft, and talked some about what kind of work they were doing towards PHP. He also talked about the COM support in PHP and some about Silverlight.

Next up was Derrick with “Help, I Found a Bug in my Code!”. He talked about xdebug and how it to de debugging and also some about profiling using KCacheGrind to display the output from xdebug. I have used xdebug mostly for debugging stuff, but the profiling stuff look good as well, so I’m gonna have to try that out some more.

The last session for me was “Lock Your Database Application!” by Lukas Smith which was about, yes, you guessed it, database locking. I was familiar with some of the MySQL’s MyISAM and InnoDB stuff he talked about, but there were other stuff I had not heard about, so there was much to learn.

Marco Tabini had a closing keynote that wrapped up php|tek 2007.

For me the conference has been a very cool experience, and I hope to be able to attend more in the future. :)

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